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Teens/Kids Weight Loss Tips & Advice

Childhood and teenage obesity is an ever increasing problem. On this page you'll find some weight loss tips for teens and kids. If you have some teen weight loss tips please share them with us using the form at the bottom of the page.

8 Teens/Kids Weight Loss Tips:

Skip sugar-laden drinks!

Skip the soda and sugar-laden drinks. Rather than quenching your thirst, these drinks actually cause more thirst. But that's only after they cause your blood sugar level to spike and then crash, causing you to lose energy instead of conserve it. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, and double the amount when you're working out or playing hard.

Make sure that your teen eats a nourishing breakfast

If you have a teenager who discovers that it’s too difficult to wake up, try to get them up a a bit earlier than usual in order for them to eat breakfast. How many times have you heard people say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? A nutritious breakfast that is high in protein and fiber provides teens with energy, boosts their metabolism, and will provide the energy they need to face the day ahead. You may also find that it discourages them from eating too much during the rest of the day as well.

If your teen is not crazy about high fiber cereal or whole wheat toast, then suggest they eat what was left over from the night before. You could even recommend a piece of cheese, a small handful of nuts and a piece of fruit instead, this will be just as healthy as the toast and cereal.

Don't use quick fixes for rapid weight loss

Help your teenager by training them to lose weight, and keep it off. Many fad diets around are likely to rob your teenager of necessary vitamins, iron and calcium that is necessary in their diet. Don’t permit them to take diet pills or perform other quick remedies, as this will not deal with the basis of the problem, and the effects of these types of treatments are short-lived. It is also important to remember that only lasting changes in their eating habits will result in permanent weight loss.

Set reasonable weight loss goals

If you are determined to lose too much weight too quickly, you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Speak with your doctor to decide upon a reasonable weight loss plan for your situation. Don''t be too hard on yourself ? weight loss is tough for teens as well as for adults, and it''s going to take some time to achieve your ideal weight.

Get involved in sports

Team sports are a great way for teens to lose weight and have fun at the same time. The sport does not have to be intense exercise, anything that gets the heart rate up is great! Teens will not only lose weight with sports but will feel much better. Exercise elevates mood.

Cut back on refined foods

The more a food is processed the quicker the body digests it. This is exactly what you don't want because all this energy is made available to the body and not used. So where does it go? It's stored as fat. Always eat whole foods and stay clear of sugary snacks! Complex carbohydrates are the best source of food, they are slow release and will provide energy for hours!

Keep only healthy food in the fridge!

This will help to reduce the amount of temptation from the unhealthy foods. Reduce your portion size for every meal and avoid drinking sodas or at least reduce the amount to one can per week. Begin incorporating some healthier foods into your daily diet and start eliminating the unhealthy fried, fatty foods that have no real nutritional value.

Bring you teen/kid to the gym with you

Bring your teen to the gym with you. Most fitness clubs offer use of their entire facilities for teenagers. If this is something in your budget, it can be a great way to help your teen make exercise a part of their lives. There are so many options for working out at a gym that your teen is bound to find an activity they love. They might even be encouraged by observing healthy people at work on their bodies.