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Lifestyle Tips & Advice

Healthy lifestyle tips and advice! Below you'll find a list of great tips that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle. We have hundreds of health and weight loss tips right here on this site. Check out the main tips page for more info!

4 Lifestyle Tips:

Keep your carbs up to keep your mood up

If you don't eat enough complex carbohydrates your body does not get the sustained energy release it needs to function properly. This could lead to you feeling tired, weak and moody. Try to eat a small amount of complex carbs in every meal and stay clear of sugary foods which give you instant energy followed by an energy plummet.

Get out in the sunshine!

Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that occurs in the winter when there is less sunshine. Using artificial sunlight helps many SAD patients. After decades of warning people to avoid the sun because of the danger of skin cancer, doctors are again advising people to get a little sun each day. Without sun, the body cannot produce Vitamin D–an important regulator of bone health. Vitamin D plays a role in regulating blood pressure and helps control stress–a main contributor to depression and anxiety. Try getting fifteen minutes of sun in the morning before you apply sunscreen or makeup.

Keep up your vitamin C intake

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for health and immunity. Vitamin C assists the body in the production of collage which is important in the structure of blood vessel walls, gums, and bones. It is essential to recovering from wounds and surgery. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant and has shown benefits in lowering blood pressure and increases resistance to infections and other diseases. Vitamin C can be found in fruits and multivitamins. An orange a day, which is high in vitamin C, can you keep the doctor away.

Exercise to reduce stress

Most people don't realize just how important exercise is for stress relief. Exercise doesn't have to be boring, like on a treadmill. You can go hiking, play team sports or do a class at your local gym. Instead of heading for the couch after a stressful day head outside!