When Should I Weigh Myself?

When you’re losing weight it’s very important to weigh in at the right time. It’s important to get an accurate reading, but it’s also important to keep you motivated. So when is the best time to weigh yourself?

In terms of accuracy, the best time of the day to weigh yourself if first thing in the morning after you have been to the toilet. It’s this time of the day that will give you the most accurate readings. Obviously, you shouldn’t have an clothes on either!

So how often should you weigh yourself? Now this one’s debatable. In my personal opinion you should only weight yourself once per week. The main reason why I think this, is becuase it’s normal to have slight fluctuations (up and down) in weight on a daily basis, and seeing that you have gained weight can quite often be a real de-motivator!

So resist the temptation on jump on the scales after you’ve had a good workout and keep it to once a week. Record your diet an weight losses/gains in a book or online. Then work out what works for you personally to lose weight.

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