Weight Loss for Teens

Regardless of your age, weight loss is the same – lose more calories than you take in, every single day. However, that’s where the similarities stop. Teens usually don’t have the benefit of hiring a trainer or gym membership, driving to yoga, buying the food they want (typically, healthier food is more expensive), etc.

Here are some tips for teens looking to lose weight:

  1. Don’t pity yourself
    When you’re young, sometimes you want to blame genetics, your parents, whatever else for your condition. Negative feelings will spur laziness and depression, and those certainly won’t help you lose weight.
  2. Set reasonable goals
    This current culture is one of instant-gratification. Everybody wants things now, now, now. If you’re going to be successful with your weight loss program, you need to realize that you’re not going to lose several pounds a week. Expect 1 or 2 pounds a week, tops.
  3. Add daily exercise
    Take a walk with your family after dinner. Play kickball, football, or some recreational sport with the school. Become a coach of a local peewee athletic program that allows you to get outdoors and live a little.
  4. Get family support
    With the reasons listed above, you need to have a serious talk with your family. They need to support you in buying exercise equipment, gym memberships, and healthy food. While obviously the first two can be supplemented by simply running, healthy food is a must – you can’t have frozen pizzas for dinner every single night. Also, when you go out to eat, your family needs to know that pizza buffets, country buffets, chinese buffets, etc are simply off limits.
  5. Get away from technology
    In addition to exercising, you need to set a pattern of exercising, getting outdoors, and just living a healthy lifestyle. A daily routine of video games, watching television, and sitting on the computer every day after going to a full day of classes is simply destructive for your health.

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