Slow Weight Loss Beats Rapid Weight Loss hand Down!

Today I’m going to talk about slow weight loss vs rapid weight loss and why you are better off slowly losing the pounds rather than dropping a whole lot at once.

Why slow weight loss beats rapid weight loss!

You’re probably reading this blog becuase you want to lose weight. To be more specific, you want to lose fat. When your body has a daily deficiency of calories (on a weight loss diet) it has to choose whether the weight it’s going to shed is going to be muscle or fat. The body the asses just how much muscle you need to survive, and unless you’re doing weight training, that’s not much. So guess what goes first, muscle.

This is why some people often lose weight on the scales, but can’t see it in the mirror. You will probably know that muscle weighs twice as much as fat. But a better way to look at it is, muscle takes up 1/2 the space of fat. So if you lose 5lbs of fat you are losing twice the visual size as 5lbs of muscle. So you look smaller and thiner.

Rapid weight loss puts the body in “survival mode”.

When your body goes through a big change in diet, or reduction of calories, it’s natural instinct is to think there is not a lot of food around. So it goes into “survival mode”. This means it keeps as much fat as possible. Like I just mentioned above, your body wants to survive so it sheds the muscle first and keeps the fat stores.

Less muscle = slower metabolism

If you read my post a few days ago about increasing muscle to lose weight, you would know that the more muscle you have the more calories you burn and the faster you can get your metabolism going. Think of this like a weight loss auto pilot.

Gradual weight loss burns more fat NOT muscle.

It’s a good idea not to shock your body into survival mode by gradually dropping your calories and easing into a new diet and exercise regime. If you do this, you will burn more fat not muscle and you will look thinner in the mirror.

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