Losing Weight During The Summer Holidays

Most us find it extremely difficult to exercise when there is little going on, just during our regular routine days consisting of work and relationships. However, add holidays into our weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise regime and it’s extremely hard to keep focused. With Memorial Day, 4th of July, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and just summer afternoons out at the lake relaxing it’s hard to always stay active and eat right.

So, how do you maintain the balance? How do you not only enjoy your holidays during the summer (and year round, for that matter), but also make sure you don’t fall off the exercise and dieting bandwagon? Try to follow these simple tips:

Holiday weight loss tips:

Look ahead. If traveling, make sure that you plan ahead and take into consideration where you’re heading and your capabilities. You need to figure out where you’re going so you can either know what healthy foods to pack, learn where there are healthy restaurants around, or even learn where there are gyms or recreational buildings where you can exercise.

Consider finding out if the hotel you’re going to be staying in has a healthy breakfast bar (also see healthy eating articles). Also see if it has an exercise room. You may also want to see if there are walking or running trails nearby your destination and if that’s not an option, check with family members or local gyms to see if you can temporarily use their equipment for a small fee.

If you’re going to be traveling for a long time, you should consider enrolling your friends or family or whoever you’re visiting into your exercise regime. If they’re not interested, let them know in advance that you feel strongly about your diet and exercise program and that you need to dedicate time to it every day.

Be prepared – If you’re unaware of what your schedule will be when you get there or whether or not your workout environment will be satisfactory, you should bring a plan:

Bring a basic workout plan. You may not have all the bells and whistles, a support group, a hiking trail, etc. It may just be you and some pushups. Make sure to write a simple, 20 to 30 minute workout plan that involves simple aerobics and resistance – pushups, sit ups, crunches, etc. Also see Real Weight Training for workout basics.

If you have a laptop, bring it. You can always watch workout videos on your laptop either through the internet or DVD, while also using a variety of sites online for support and you can also find more workout ideas on the web. These videos can help keep you motivated!

Use each opportunity. Since you’re on vacation, you’re probably not on a strict schedule. As such, you probably won’t know when the next time you’ll have an opportunity to work out will appear. You will want to be prepared to workout and exercise at a moments notice, so keep that in mind with the attire you wear (running shoes), as well as your mindset. If you’re one of those that needs a lot of time to warm up to workout, get out of it.

Be ready to exercise whenever you get some free time. Good luck!

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