Lose Weight With Water

Water keeps us cool and relaxed, lubricates our muscle joints, and flushes bad toxins from our bodies. It burns calories and drives our body’s metabolism’s chemical reactions reactions. With all of the benefits of water, why do people prefer to drink soda or coffee over water?

If you’re not getting your daily dose of 8 glasses of water a day, your weight loss will suffer, as will your digestion. You’ll also feel hungry when you’re not and you won’t get the full benefits of exercise.

Weight Loss will slow down.

Just from natural daily functions, such as going to the restroom and sweating, you’ll end up losing a considerable amount of water. If you don’t put this water back into your body, your body will become dehydrated and your metabolism will shut down.

Decline in Digestion.

Your body needs water to digest food and to exhume it from your body. If you have poor digestion, your body isn’t absorbing the good nutrients from your food. As such, your body will tell your brain that you need more food with minerals.

You’ll feel hungry.

If your body doesn’t have enough water and is dehydrated, your body will send out signals that your body needs more food. In response, you’ll think you have “hunger pangs” and eat. Drinking water will not only quench (pun intended) that hunger, but it’ll fill you up. To avoid over eating, some nutritionists and fitness experts recommending drinking water less than an hour before a meal to partially fill you up. This will prevent overeating.

You won’t receive the full benefits of exercise.

As mentioned previously, water is essential to maximizing your metabolism. It’s necessary to drink plenty of water, during, and after your workout to get the most out of your exercises.

No excuses - keep a bottle of water on you at all times!

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Geoff said:Good article - thanks. Reminds me to get my water intake back up

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