Using Hypnotism To Lose Weight – Fact or Fiction?

In the search for effective measures one can take to lose weight, many people have tried fad diets, crash diets, extreme exercise programs, and possibly dangerous diet pills. One method that has been perpetuated for a few decades and that has seen a resurgence due to the availability of information on the World Wide Web is that of hypnosis.

Losing weight with hypnosis can be a tempting proposition for the overweight person that has tried numerous different diets unsuccessfully over the span of months or years. Many seek out hypnosis through sheer frustration. However, even today hypnosis is not yet fully understood and more importantly, many hypnotists that practice hypnosis are nothing more than ruthless scam artists out to make a buck. So the real answer to whether hypnosis can effectively help you lose weight is not really cut-and-dry.

Hypnosis is the act of training the subconscious mind to work differently through the power of suggestion. There are numerous documented cases that leave little doubt that, when performed correctly, hypnosis can have a positive effect on helping people break bad habits. However, simply breaking bad habits isn’t necessarily losing weight.

And therein lies the problem. When a hypnotist or hypnotism audio CD makes claims to help you “lose weight,” what is the problem that the hypnotism addressing? Many people feel that when they utilize hypnosis, the power of suggestion can actually make the mind tell the body to just shed the fat in some kind of controlling force. While the human mind is capable of performing some amazing functions, there is no evidence to support any theories that it is able to simple “tell” the body to drop excess fat. So any hypnotism program that makes this assertion can be dropped on this principle alone.

However, hypnotism can be effectively used to suggest to the subconscious mind that its current behavior should be adjusted in some way. If that is the case, then hypnotism may, in theory, be effectively utilized in order to help a person make certain lifestyle changes that can help them lose weight as an effect. Acts such as overeating out of boredom, eating bad foods, and not exercising can all be supplemented through the use of hypnotism as long as the person is willing to make a conscious effort in order to reach those goals as well.

The bottom line is that hypnotism, while it may be a valid form of supplementation, is not a singular answer to problems a person may have when losing weight. However, when performed by a professional, hypnotism may help the person manipulate their unconscious mind as long as they make a dedicated effort with their conscious mind to pursue their goals.

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