Keeping The Weight Off Permanently

Even though you’ve most likely been on a diet and loss weight, only to gain it back shortly afterwards – this time can be different. Take a positive attitude and always hope and strive to improve this time, don’t allow yourself to settle with your past mistakes.

So, you’re here again. You lost forty pounds and you see a lot of positive results like increased energy, less flab on your body, lowered cholesterol levels, as well as blood pressure. You’re proud but you have the fear that you’ll just gain all the weight back. If you have that fear, you have to remember that weight maintenance is a lot like losing weight. The foundation remains the same, like the requirement to eat right, exercise, and stay motivated. And similar to weight loss, maintaining your weight requires a long-term, steady devotion.

This boils down to permanent lifestyle changes.

The way you approached weight loss in terms of your plan of attack and your commitment determines a lot when beginning to keep the weight off. If your motivation for losing weight in the first place was to lose a few pounds for a wedding or one special event, you’re already behind in the game. Once you lose the original excess weight that was your entire goal to begin with, you no longer have the motivation or reasoning for continuing onwards.

Generally, if you begin your weight loss program with the purpose of becoming more healthy overall as opposed to appearance you will be much more successful in keeping the weight off for the long-term. You should also focus on the entire lifestyle change and not focus on just the end result like mentioned above, losing a few pounds or preparing for a special event. Consider that losing just a few percentages of your body weight will give you drastic positive health benefits in the form of lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, and a lower blood pressure. In addition, you’ll have a lower risk of joint problems and your energy levels will improve.

Strategies for maintaining weight.

Losing your “goal” weight doesn’t mean you simply stop your weight-loss efforts, it means you stabilize them to last for the long-term. With a healthy diet, exercise, and dedication you’ll be able to keep the weight off for good with the following strategies:

Continue exercising! This the first and most obvious strategy. You need to keep up your exercise program so you can keep losing the weight. Studies suggest that you workout 30 to 60 minutes at a moderate level of intensity to main weight loss. This can include exercises like walking briskly or swimming.

Maintain healthy eating habits. You want to keep eating healthy just like you were during your “lose weight” mode. Eat things like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. You want to make sure you limit your intake of saturated fats and sweets, as well as alcohol. Eat a variety of foods so you don’t get bored and never, ever stick to a fad diet. Any diet that limits your food intake will not work for the long-term.

Regularly monitor your weight. You want to be conscious about your weight, not ignore it. If you don’t weight yourself, you don’t need if you need to restrict yourself a lot more or what.

Create a supporting network. You need to get people to support you and encourage you while you stay on your weight loss routine. It can be friends, family, or complete strangers perhaps with an online support forum or similar.

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