How To Keep Lost Weight Off

You’ve eaten healthy for the past several months, exercised on a regularly basis, and just in general lived a better, healthier lifestyle. With all of your efforts, you’ve lost 20 pounds.

How do you keep it off?

A study published n the New England Journal of Medicine, performed by Brown Medical School, has found several key ingredients to losing weight and keeping it off. They observed the routine and habits of more than 5,000 individuals who had lost 30 pounds and kept it off for an entire year. Here are the common traits among those people:

  1. Eating breakfast daily
  2. Hour of daily physical activity
  3. Being conscious of weight, weighing in daily.
  4. As soon as weight gain is evident, correcting the problem

Members of the study also had their own advice. The most important: Using a bathroom scale daily. So many people want to hide behind their weight if they have a problem, either they’re too depressed to know the actual number, or they just don’t care. Either way, the way you keep gaining weight is by not facing the problem. A bathroom scale makes you see your weight, makes you want to change it – and once you’ve already lost the weight, the scales lets you know if you’re beginning to gain weight – at which point you can start exercising and/or dieting more.

Overall, the study showed that consistency was key. Successful members were the ones who went to the gym every single day of the work week, while the unsuccessful ones made up excuses. Weight loss and keeping it off is a commitment, one that can’t be turned off and turned on whenever convenient – it’s a devotion and dedicated to you and your body to lose weight.

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