Hidden Factors that Cause Weight Gain

Everyone knows that sitting down with a big bag of chocolate chips will make you gain weight. But what makes you want to sit down with that big of chips? What are some less obvious ways that are causing you to gain weight in your daily life?

1. Your senses being teased.

Walk into a movie theater and you’re inundated with the sound and smell of popping popcorn. Or you wake up in your house and smell bacon cooking or biscuits baking. Your overeating is closely related to what you have going on around you.

2. Eating without knowing.

This is where bad habits are formed – you are stuck in a routine where you grab a snack everytime you go onto the internet, watch television, read a book, etc. This also happens a lot at bars in happy hour – you will continue to eat as long as the food is front of you without even knowing. The bad thing about not consciously eating is that you never get full, as you’re not paying attention to eating. However, if you just concentrate on eating the bag while you’re eat it, you’ll feel full much quicker.

3. The easier it is, the more you gain.

The more accessible and cheaper the food is, the unhealthier it’s likely to be in most cases. And unfortunately, American society (as are most in the world) prefer things that are affordable, easy to accomplish, and taste good – that’s why fast food is so popular. While combo deals may be good for your time and pocketbook, they’re normally loaded with calories, sodium, and fat.

4. Distortion of the portion.

The current size of the small fry at a fast-food restaurant was typically the size of a large fry back in the 1970s. This has nothing to do with changing bodies or required bodily nutrients; it strictly has to do with our mindset. Selling more food enables restaurants to charge more money, keeps us in the restaurant longer, etc. So, if we eat these portions in the restaurant, we’ll start making the same size portions at home and the cycle will never stop.

You don’t need a lot of food at a single meal to be healthy; you just need to be mindful while you eat. It is good to eat slowly, chew slowly, and taste the food. You will appreciate it more and smaller portions will be a lot easier to live by.

5. Too much variety.

Have you ever wondered why holidays, parties, and other social events around food are the times of the year where you gain the most weight? It isn’t just the size of portion of food you eat, in fact, that’s only a small part of the problem. The weight gain comes from the variety of foods. Even if you like eating smaller portions, you want to try everything. If you’re a fan of buffet restaurants, you more than likely don’t go there to have some meat, two vegetables, and desert. You go there to have a wide sample of everything available and end up having a couple different meats, several different vegetables, bread, dessert, and who knows what else.

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