Helping Kids With Obesity

Are you concerned about your child’s weight, but don’t want to talk with them for risk of embarrassing them? You’re not alone. The good news is that if your child is still at home, most likely you still prepare their meals for them – and depending on their age, you’ll either make all of their meals or at the very least, most of them if they’re a teenager who goes out every once in a while.

Try the following to secretly help your kid cut back on the pounds:

Reduce sugar and increase calcium. Calcium is crucial for growing kid’s development, and it also is an integral part in weight manage. Instead of vitamin D milk or whole milk, try 1% or even skim.

Buy a TIVO. If your kid watches television during the day, strictly monitor what they watch. Even though commercials may be safe for their ears and eyes, they’re not necessarily good for their health. It is very common for a younger child to watch a commercial featuring a sugar-laden snack endorsed by their favorite cartoon character and later ask you to buy it in the supermarket later.

Avoid this all together.

Limit their food intake. This is a simple one, but you don’t need to tell them why you’re doing it. Simply limit their choices. If they want three cookies, eat two. And it’s important to make the diet change as a family – if you’re snacking away all day on cookies, your child is going to want to as well.

Get rid of kitchen serving dishes. By putting serving trays of food on the kitchen table, you are inviting everyone in your family to get second helpings. Make plates for your child (at least) and when you cook extra, simply put it in the fridge for another separate meal -- not a second helping.

Make fruit and vegetables fun. Take your child down the produce aisle and have them take a look at and feel are the interesting thing. Ever knock on a coconut? It sounds hallow. Let them feel the “hairy” kiwi fruit. Get them interested in healthly foods and they’ll stay interested in them.

Modify unhealthy foods. If your child wants a certain kind of cereal, try to sneak and buy the brand that comes with reduced sugar. Also, buy fruit juice but add water to it and take away some of the sugar. It is also very hard for a 6-year old to know the difference between real mayo and fat-free.

Prepare filling snacks. Some snacks curb appetites, others do nothing. Soup is one of those that makes you feel full after only a few bites. This does well for an afternoon snack or appetizer.

Overall, get advice from your doctor or pediatrician, depending on the age of the child. Also, if your child is obese or much bigger than any other kid their age, you probably want to confront them directly in a positive, uplifting spirit.

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taylor hirl said:my child is over wieght and needs to lose some weight

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