50 Of The Best Weight Loss Tips!

Looking for some hot weight loss tips? Look no further, we've created the ultimate list of weight loss tips! 50 of the best weight loss tips you'll ever read.

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50 Top Weight Loss Tips:

  1. Eat smaller meals, more often for a higher metabolism.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Losing weight is all about lifestyle change, not just a diet. You need to change the way you think, what you do and how you live your day to day life. Once you master this change you'll find it much easier to lose weight and keep losing weight in future.
  4. Train with weights - you'll be stronger and lose weight faster.
  5. Never skip meals. Skipping meals slows your metabolism.
  6. Count calories. I don't care what people say, counting calories is extremely important! You need to know exactly what's going into your body day-to-day and if you have the right tools it's easy. Everyone is different, and you might need to work out exactly what works for you. This is when you will rely on your exercise and calorie/food logs.
  7. Keep logs. Food and exercise logs. These are handy to work out what is working for you.
  8. Don't cut out carbs - you need them for energy to exercise!
  9. Learn about foods. You need to know everything about what goes in your body. Start reading labels, get a calorie guide book - get educated about what you eat.
  10. A well balanced diet is the key. Check out the new food pyramid for an idea of what a well balanced diet should consist of.
  11. Join a gym (the benefits are endless!)
  12. Always shop on a full stomach.
  13. Don't compare yourself to other people. Stay focused on YOUR goals. You're the only one who matters. Comparing yourself to other may lead you off track and hamper your results.
  14. The less processed food is, the better it is for you.
  15. Cut down on refind sugar. Sugar give you too much energy in one blow, this energy is usually stored as fat!
  16. Take before and after photos. There's nothing more motivating that to see a real difference in your body shape and size. Not only that, sometimes you don think you look any different because you see yourself every day. But a quick look back at your before photos will show you you've really changed!
  17. Control your portions -- never bigger than the size of your fist!
  18. Get a friend involved, you'll keep each other motivated.
  19. Avoid extreme dieting! Calculate how many calories your body needs day-to-day, then subtract 500. Never go lower. You will only burn muscle and end up putting on more weight than you lost!
  20. Don't try and lose weight to quickly -- slow and steady, don't rush!
  21. Swap coffee and regular tea for green tea.
  22. Everyone is different. What works for someone else may not work for you. Test test test. If it's not working, try something else!
  23. Eat fruit and/or vegetables in EVERY meal.
  24. Join a sports club or outdoor activities group.
  25. Lose all sodas and fizzy drinks. Yes that's right, even diet drinks. It's OK to have one for a treat every no and then but there is nothing good about sodas. Regular soda contains a HUGE amount of sugar and diet sodas use chemicals to replace the suger for taste. Better to stay away from them all together.
  26. Increase your daily protein intake.
  27. Pre-cook meals and freeze them. Cook 10 servings at once and keep them handy. This can help prevent quick take-away trips and splurges.
  28. Try meal high-protein replacement supplements.
  29. Never skip breakfast, NEVER! Breakfast is the single most important meal in the day. Your body needs it, and if you don't eat it, you metabolism will suffer and you will find it harder to lose weight. Always eat a high fiber and low sugar breakfast.
  30. Set small realistic goals that you can reach in 1-2 weeks.
  31. Don't fall for the hype in women's magazines!
  32. Exercise first thing in the morning.
  33. HIIT (high intensity interval training) burns fat very fast -- use it.
  34. Use other people to help keep you motivated. Join an online weight loss group (like this one!). Get some friends to lose weight with you. You will all motivate each other and everyone wins!
  35. At home, use small plates and bowls. It gives the illusion of larger portions.
  36. Never eat within 2-3 hours of going to sleep.
  37. If you can, train with weights first, then get your heart rate up with some high intensity cardio. You will burn fat faster doing this.
  38. Don't waste money on weight loss pills...they don't work. Great diet, controlled calories and regular exercise is all you need to lose weight.
  39. Get some sleep. It makes a big difference -- aim for 7-9 hours EVERY night.
  40. Exercise gets boring quickly. Change what you do all the time to keep motivated.
  41. It's OK to rest. Never train every day, have at least 2 rest days per week.
  42. Make as much of your own food as possible. Bring food to work, snacks to the gym etc. That's the only way to know exactly what's in your meals and to really control your calories.
  43. Whenever you can, walk. Walk to work, take the stairs etc. Every calorie you burn counts.
  44. Find someone who's fitter than you, and make them your training partner. You will always be trying to catch up, and they'll by trying to stay ahead!
  45. Cut down on alcohol. Alcohol is not only high in calories, but it's what's known as "empty calories" - meaning it contains no useable energy for your body. So that means it's much more likely to be stored as fat.
  46. Drink a full glass of water before every meal. This will give you the illusion of feeling fuller, plus aid in digestion.
  47. Remember all fats are not bad. EFA's (essential fatty acids) actually help you lose weight. Control the good fats and cut out the bad.
  48. Drop pasta and white bread completely. These two foods are demons when it comes to weight loss. High in calories and sugar. Both can easily be replaced with whole (brown) products. Think about this, the average bowl of pasta contains over 1,100 calories!
  49. Watch out for salads. Salads are not always the best choices when you're eating out. In fact, many popular salads contain as many calories as a main meal. Keep high fat dressings to a minimum and always ask about the salad dressing when you're eating out.
  50. And finally, join Lose Weight Group -- this site is completely free and we have all the information and support you need to lose weight and keep it off long term!

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Janelle said:I totally agree. All of my work buddies are naturally thin with a VERY high metabolism (I don't know if I spelled that right) and I have to try really hard to stay as thin as them. I'm going to try these tips so I'll be able to keep wearing that I wore over Easter break. Thanks! :-)

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