Overcoming Hunger

Feeling like you’re starving while you’re on a diet can severely undermine you in at least a couple different ways. For starters, it can make you consume food you don’t actually need any food. This is because sometimes the feeling arises out of being bored, worried, stressed, rather than you actually needing any feed to survive.

Secondly, hunger can make eat less than sparsely at your next meal. If you’re hungry and you starve yourself while you we wait for your next meal, your next meal it will be hard not to make an appetizer, main course, second helpings of the main course, with a big dessert to top it off.

By following a few simple guidelines, it’s easy to not let hunger overwhelm you during your moments of weakness. You may also be able to combat hunger from even occurring in the first place.

Eat protein

Nothing can fill you up better than protein. Have a dose of skim milk or some low-fat milk and yogurt during breakfast – it’ll give you a boost of protein making you fill more full during the day. A hard-boiled egg has the same effect. If you need something during the day to boost your energy, try one of the shakes that Slim-Fast offers. They’re usually full of fiber, protein, and a little fat.

If you want something a little heartier to combat your hunger, wrap a small lice of turkey or some ham around a carrot or apple stick.

Take a fast-paced walk

Studies have shown that a little bit of intense exercise can for some temporarily suppress hunger pains. Before you decide to reach for that candy bar, take a walk up a few stairs, go play a round of basketball, or just jog around the block. You can possibly find that you’re no longer hungry or that you weren’t even hungry to begin with. If you’re at work and don’t have the ability to do some quick aerobics, some believe that several quick yoga breaths in your office can help you deter hunger.

Have a mint

Sometimes it’s not that you’re necessarily hungry, you just want to taste something. If that’s the case, try having a piece of gum, a breath strip or mint, licorice, or something robust with flavor. It might be enough to numb your taste buds and you’ll no longer desire a sweet cherry pie.

Keep yourself busy

Make sure to choose a snack that slows down the pace of which you eat and makes you work for the food you’re about to eat. Crab legs without the butter are an extreme example, but a perfect one. Of course, eating crab legs with butter negates any positives that may come out of it, but the point remains. Instead of having a bag of chips, have a bag of pistachio nuts in the shell. The longer it works to get to your food, the longer you’re occupied, the less food you’ll eat during that time period.

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