How To Keep The Weight Off In The Holiday Season

“Everyone knows that it will happen, so no one will really blame you.” “Every one else will be doing it, so it can’t be bad.” “Just one more and I will stop! Just one more!”

Holiday Overeating

What we tell ourselves to justify our propensity to overeat during the holidays can sound an awful lot like what a drug addict may repeat to himself to justify his condition. But we are not addicted to food and the holidays don’t have to be a time that we wreck our willpower. If we use a little self-control, a bit of creativity, and these five tips to avoid overeating during the holidays, we can look forward to a slimmer, healthier New Year waiting right around the corner.

Buy Your New Year’s Eve Party Outfit Early This Year

When you look good, you feel good. So while you’re pacing through the mall searching for the perfect gifts for others, pick up that New Year’s Eve outfit in a size that will fit smart, but snug enough that even just a couple of extra pounds will be noticeable. This will help keep you in check from Thanksgiving until after Christmas. Be sure to try it on at least once a week to keep your memory fresh and your willpower strong.

Remember That Holiday Meals Are Just Meals

Sure, we put a great deal of emphasis on holiday dinners and treats, but if you really wanted to you could find similar excuses to overeat any other day of the year. Keep yourself in check by focusing on the true meaning of the holidays.

Get Some Exercise

Stick to your exercise regimen through the holidays to remind yourself of your goals. Be sure to make time to hit the gym even when you’re busy with all your holiday goings-on. Don’t let the hectic days get in the way of your goals. Exercising will also give you that extra energy you will need to keep from becoming completely exhausted from shopping all day.

Cook Healthy Holiday Food Alternatives

Again, a little creativity and research goes a long way. Search online and in healthy recipe books for tips and tricks to making traditional holiday dishes with some healthy flair. Simple adjustments such as substituting sugary candies with fruit can make an enormous impact.

Don’t Refrain From Eating

This may seem like common sense, but common sense isn’t always common usage. Be absolutely sure you eat enough healthy food so that you are not hungry enough to be tempted by unhealthy offerings at relatives’ and friends’ houses this holiday season. This one tip can mean the difference from caving in to sweets and breezing through the holidays and reaching your set weight goals.

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