How To Prevent Overeating!

Overeating is built into our culture. When we were kids, most of us were told by our mothers to eat all of the food on our plate. You couldn’t have dessert (even more consumption) until you finished every last drop on your plate. As adults, we still feel that way – especially when eating out. Now that we’re responsible for paying for our own food, not only do we not want to be wasteful of food, but we want to make sure we get what we paid for and finish every last bit of food.

Some believe that it is not our upbringing, but our evolutionary past. It’s been shown that the more choices there are when choosing food to eat, the more we’ll overeat. That’s why buffets are so horrible for our diets – we will put a little bit of everything we like on our plate. The same applies for eating at home – if you have chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, and chocolate ice cream laying around, you’re going to be able to have a small snack of everything.

To avoid overeating, here are some things you can try:

Preparing food in a similar way. As said above, the bigger the variety of food available, the more you’ll eat. You’ll eat less if you make food that has a similar texture, color, texture, and even shape.

Order the soup - Soup and other kinds of food (pasta) feel satisfied after eating only a little bit. This is opposed to many other kinds of food, especially those deep fried (Chinese food), where you can eat several hundred calories worth and still feel hungry shortly afterwards.

Always eat with a salad. Salads are typically very nutritious and very low in calories. If you’re really hungry, instead of ordering an unhealthy appetizer full with carbohydrates, order a salad. Some major chains like Olive Garden offer unlimited salad.

Get rid of the temptations. If you don’t have cookies and ice cream in your house, then you don’t have to worry about eating them! Same applies with going out to buffets, avoid them with all costs. There is a difference between splurging and going to a buffet – splurging is fine, it has restrictions, but buffets don’t work that way. If you want to splurge, go to a dessert or ice cream parlor, where you can only order a limited amount of junk food and then go home.

Workout! Having a healthy, balanced lifestyle with exercise, workouts and fitness makes you feel better and healthier. As such, you don’t want to sit down and drink a soda and have a piece of chocolate – you want to consume things that make you feel good, like water and fruit. Go outside and play a game of basketball – you don’t feel like coming inside and having some chips and soda, you want to down a gallon of water.

A healthy lifestyle can prevent you from overeating.

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