5 Reasons NOT To Eat Processed Foods

Processed foods are everywhere you look: prepackaged, frozen foods, fast food, pre-packaged snacks and just about any “convenient” foods can be described as processed foods. In order to effectively avoid unnecessary health problems that can attack your digestive organs, including cancer, it is advised to greatly reduce or even eliminate all processed foods from your diet.

There are well over 6,000 synthetic chemicals that are legal and condoned to be used in the making and packaging of processed foods. Some of these are known to have carcinogenic properties in small amounts. However, eating these foods daily can make that small amount much greater and much more risky. Here are the top five reasons that you should avoid eating processed foods:

5 quick reasons to avoid processed foods:

  1. You don’t know what’s in them. Remember the old saying, “If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it”? This is good advice that should still be heeded. Manufacturers tend to hide the unhealthy ingredients in food by breaking them down into their basic formulas so the average consumer won’t be able to tell what, exactly, they are eating. It’s best to just avoid them altogether.
  2. Lack of taste. Since many processed food manufacturers utilize additional ingredients, usually bad, to enhance the taste of their foods, they actually numb our taste buds to the foods that are much better for us. The result is that we have to resort to processed foods to get the taste that we are seeking. These additives consist of things that we know to avoid when eating our regular foods, such as refined sugars, salt and chemical flavor enhancers.
  3. Lack of nutrients – Processed foods are chemically altered and cooked in such as way that almost all effective nutrients are scorched from the food, leaving an empty vessel. So not only are you pouring foods that are known to be chemically-laden but they also have next to no nutritional value as well.
  4. Unhealthy and carcinogenic additives – Processed foods are packaged to remain edible for long amounts of time. This process does not end in just the food, however, and is transferred to our bodies after we ingest it. Research has even shown that corpses that have been exposed to processed foods when the people were still alive are actually being preserved by the ingredients in the foods that they ate for much longer than before.
  5. Your body rejects these foods. Your immune system actually recognizes the toxic properties of most processed foods and acts to flush them through your body faster. The result is that any nutritional values the foods may have otherwise had are lost. And the added strain on the digestive system can mount up, meaning that more likely than not, you will suffer from digestive problems in the future. As mentioned before, there is a higher risk that these problems can include cancer.

Go natural! Natural foods are the best for weight loss.

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MouseNYC said:Organic, raw foods make you feel better all round! 100%!
Geoff said:It's a pity organic foods cost so much more though :(

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