Lose Weight With Running

Running has so many benefits. When running with family or friends, it gives you quiet, individualized time to socialize. Running by yourself always gives you the ability to unplug, away from the stress of work and/or school, and simply concentrate on yourself.

Regardless of how you run, most people run because they’re looking to lose weight. Running is by far one of the most vigorous exercises available and an extremely efficient way to burning calories and losing weight. A 150-pound individual will burn around 100 calories for every mile he or she runs – that’s a considerable amount.

Keep in mind that with running and any exercise for that matter, you can only get rid of the pounds if you burn more calories than you use. To lose a single pound, you’ll need to lose 3,600 calories through exercise and your daily life. Runners should stick to basic healthy eating guidelines, such as smaller samples of high-fat and high-calorie foods, while eating healthier foods like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

A common mistake that runners makes when it comes to their diet is that they overcompensate for the calories they burned through exercise by eating more food and beverages. Some runners will even find themselves gaining weight, regardless of their exercise training. An easy way to combat this is to write everything that you’re eating down in a journal, giving you the option of going back and seeing your diet – and where you need to improve.

When using running as an exercise, you need to make sure it’s a steady thing. Running on the weekends isn’t enough to lose weight. At the very minimum, you need to run a 3-4 times a week, but it’s recommended you run every day.

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