Exercising In Cold Weather!

It's hard to stay with your workout routine when it's cold. During the winter, some people give up their exercising program in exchange for staying warm. Much like a polar bar, the cold weather makes our bodies want to hibernate -- requiring us to need a little more push in the morning to get up and active.

Exercising Indoors

Here are some obvious and not so obvious ways to workout indoors.

  • Walk at the mall. This is a great way to lose weight. It's free (assuming you don't stop to shop), you get to be around people, and most importantly, you stay warm.
  • Health Club. This is the obvious choice, just join a gym.
  • Take a swim at an indoor pool. Swimming and working out in the water is a great way to lose weight, feel fresh, and have fun. Swimming is also good for your joints. If you don't want to swim on your own, join a water aerobics class.
  • Buy some home exercise equipment. This sometimes is an option, depending on your budget and free space in your home. You can buy a brand new treadmill for a couple hundred dollars, which will more than help you lose weight. To save a little bit of money, consider buying used equipment.

Exercising Outdoors

  • Dress warm. Wear synthetic material like polypropylene, which takes sweat away from your body. Also wear a fleece for insulation.
  • If you're sensitive, get your doctor's approval. Cold air can be harmful to your lungs and cause chest pain or asthma attacks.
  • Drink fluids. Drink water or some kind of sports during and after your workout.
  • Run into the wind. You'll be less likely to get cold on your way back from your workout. This way, the wind is at your back after you get sweaty.
  • Use sunscreen. This might sound odd, but snow reflects on the sun's rays. It's possible to get sunburn even if you're freezing. Wear some lip balm, as well.

When you exercise outdoors, you need to know when to call it quits. As with exercising in the extreme heat, exercising in the extreme cold can be harmful to your health (even deadly) if you're exposed to it for too long.

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