Exercise For ALL Ages!

Regardless of age and regardless of current levels of physical activity, women of all ages can and need the benefits that result from exercising. The benefit of physical activity only becomes more impactful later down the road in life.

In this article we'll explore the benefits of weight training and exercise throughout your entire life. If you have any questions post them in the comments below.

Exercise during youth

For decades, children didn’t need to go out and actively diet and join an exercise regimen. This is because through the daily course of playing with neighborhood kids, recess, and simply being an active and playful kid kept kids healthy. This isn’t the case anymore. With the creation of television, the ever-constant glow of computer screens and video games, kids are being sedentary and will become a new generation of unhealthy adults.

Research that is currently available is beginning to find that heart disease begins developing during the adolescent and youth years. Taking into consideration that cardiovascular disease are now the leading cause of death for men, as well, as women, it’s important to develop a healthy lifestyle during adolescent and childhood years to help fight this epidemic.

During your midlife

The most common physical plague on women during midlife is weight gain. It’s a slow and steady gain that a majority of women have to go through and experience. However, there is some conflict on the source of this weight gain. Some experts believe that it may be due in part because of hormonal changes, while others believe that it’s due to the decreasing amount of lean muscle tissue – which results in a slower metabolic rate.

Women that stay physically active throughout midlife have leaner muscle, greater metabolic rates, and have less weight gain then their non-active counterparts. Studies have also shown that many of the simple, common ailments that inflict middle aged women can be combated through exercise. Exercise can not only help prevent chronic health problems like high blood pressure, depression, and high cholesterol levels, but it can also help improve sleep quality and energy levels.

During your senior years

Exercise is required for the elderly to help combat injury, disease, and other illnesses. Many of the problems that elderly adults see include a decrease in flexibility, strength, and endurance. By the time the typical woman is 75-years old, they are hardly able to carry a bag of groceries up a flight of stairs and would be unable to pickup themselves after a fall.

The good part of this is that it’s never to late to start exercising – research performed by The MacArthur Foundation have found that those in their 90’s that have never exercised can become more physically fit and improve their quality of life by starting an exercise regimen.

If you don't know how to do the exercises correctly, check out the exercise videos on Muscle & Stength. They have over 300 videos of muscle building and strength exercises that can be done by anyone, whether you have a gym membership or not.

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