Boxing Training - Burn Maximum Calories!

It is no surprise that boxers are some of the most well-toned and healthiest athletes on the planet. The rigorous training that boxers endure in order to compete at the level that they have to perform at is second-to-none at blasting away fat and building strong, lean muscle tone.

Even if you never plan on stepping into the ring and the last thing you want is to have big, bulky muscles you can still take the benefits of boxing training and incorporate it into your lifestyle to have great success in losing weight and meeting your fitness goals.

Though the use of boxing training exercises in mainstream fitness applications is relatively new, boxing trainers have used them to get their fighters into prime shape for decades for one reason and one reason only: they work. If they didn’t, they would have gone on to something else.

Aerobic boxing training classes are a great place to start for beginners. These training sessions incorporate sparring jabs, defense techniques, and powerful punches into the routines that make for a very powerful workout that is so fun that you will often forget that you are there for a workout. Learning these techniques has the added bonus of building confidence and motivation that will have you looking forward to your next workout instead of dreading it.

Just because you are using boxing workouts for fitness doesn’t mean that you will have to get into the ring and fight an opponent. Boxer’s utilize punching bags and even their own shadow to spar and learn how to speed up their punches, kicks, and blocks in order to maximize the workouts’ effectiveness. For anyone that hasn’t yet seen it, boxing workouts may look a little odd because exercisers are throwing their kicks and punches mostly to the air instead of a live or even dummy target. Additionally, you will be blocking “imaginary” punches and kicks by unseen assailants in order to maximize effectiveness and learn the proper form and function.

In just an half an hour of powerful boxing training, an average person can burn anywhere from 350 to over 650 calories. Additionally, a person’s heart rate is usually at anywhere from 75% to 85% maximum, which is optimum for the most effective cardio vascular training.

If you are unsure about where to go to inquire about boxing training, call up your local gym or even boxing club and they will know where to point you. Don’t be intimidated about joining up right away or going to a few classes to try it out – boxing training is supposed to be fun as well as effective and will work to de-stress your daily life as well.

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