6 Tips on Eating Out The Healthy Way

In today’s fast-paced world it is almost impossible to go through daily life carrying a lunch with you or always eating at home. Additionally, it is always nice to enjoy a lunch out or a nice dinner with your significant other. However, just because you are allowing others to prepare your food doesn’t mean that you can’t be in control of the calories that you take in and ruin your diet.

Order Sides On the Side

Anything that comes with the meal, ask for it on the side. This includes salad dressing, any sauces, condiments, and even vegetables. This way you can ensure that you aren’t getting any surprises with your meal such as a nice, healthy grilled chicken slathered in fattening Alfredo sauce.

Enquire About Grilled Meats

We’ve been taught that grilled products are generally healthier than fried or simmered. However, many restaurants grill their fish and vegetables in butter and oils, which can carry high concentrations of fat and even worse, trans fat. Ask that your grilled foods be prepared “lightly” with as little butter or oil as possible.

Hold the Mayo

When ordering sandwiches for lunch outings, opt for mustard and leave off fattening mayonnaise. Mustard has virtually no calories and can really help to spice up a boring sandwich.

Watch What You Drink

Many of our calories come from the beverages we choose. Opt for water, unsweetened tea, or even diet soda over regular sodas or alcoholic drinks. This can save a surprising amount of calories each day!

Know Your Soup

Cream-based soups are much higher in fat and calories than their broth-based counterparts. Additionally, you may opt for just soup as your whole meal if you want many times, as they are generally low in calories and just as filling.

Fall In Love With Tomatoes

Particularly in pasta dishes. Cream-based sauces are loaded with fat and calories while tomato-based sauces actually count as a vegetable and contain much less fat and calories.

Don’t deny yourself the joy of eating out, just be smart about it.

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Emma said:Some good tips there, thanks! I love to eat out, it would be a pity to give up the good times and social occasions because I am trying to lose weight. Just have to eat smarter I guess!

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