Why Alli Is Dangerous To Your Health

Well, it’s be posted all over the internet over the past few days. A new Alli diet pill will be available over the counter next week. The new Alli pill is a slightly smaller dose than the it’s prescription only version. For those who don’t know what Alli is here’s an explanation…

Basically Alli works be blocking the absorption of fats by your body. So the theory is that you eat a fatty meal and your body discards the fat and only absorbs the nutritional elements.

Sounds like a dream right? Wrong. Here are a few reasons why you should not take diet pills containing Alli:

  1. Where does the fat go? It goes in your stools. This means that diarrhea is a common side effect along with other gasto-intestinal related problems.
  2. Fat contains nutrients that your body needs! Fat may be high in calories, but your body needs it to function correctly. Blocking essential fats from being absorbed can lead to so many problems…including those mentioned above, flatulence, vitamin deficiencies and more. This is especially the case for expectant mothers, newborns and senior citizens.
  3. Fat does not make you fat. That’s right. It’s the combination of fat and carbohydrates and inactivity that make you fat. Alli may strip the fat from a meal, but what about all the calories from the sugars and carbohydrates?

There is going to be a lot of media hype surrounding Alli in the coming months. My advice is to leave it alone. You can lose the weight you want healthily using correct diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Don’t waste your money and potentially put your health at risk by using drugs like this.

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