Brazilians #1 Abusers Of Diet Pills

A report from ninemsn today has shown in a report by the International Narcotics Control Board that Brazilians are the world’s biggest abusers of diet pills. In fact, Brazil’s consumption of diet pills is up almost 40% on the United States.

Top 5 diet pill consumers per capita:

  1. Brazil
  2. Argentina
  3. South Korea
  4. United States
  5. Singapore

Extreme weight loss and dieting has become increasingly popular in Brazil as young women try and get the “typical Brazilian bikini” body. The article also reported that many of the your girls in Brazil that suffer from weight issues come from poor backgrounds and dream of walking on the catwalk.

Consumers are being advised to avoid weight loss and diet pills made in Brazil, in particular Herbathin and Emagrece Sim (Get Slim for Sure). The products may contain a whole host of bad ingredients and fillers, one of which is the drug Prozac, used to treat depression.

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